Welcome to IndivisibleBLK

Welcome to IndivisibleBLK

Our goal is to deliver Bold, Liberating, Affirming, Conscious and Knowledgeable content. This is IndivisibleBLK!

This is the time for BOLD action to make social and economic progress. In the pursuit of LIBERATION, we must work toward consistency and sustainability. We must AFFIRM one another with love, empathy, and praise. To live every day CONSCIOUS that the righteous path may not be the easiest but worth the journey. We work together with the understanding that our collective KNOWLEDGE is enough to implement ideas, which will reverberate for generations to come.

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Elijah McCoy

What would the world be without Black inventors? Our short video clips are sparks to bring names to the forefront to further pique your curiosity to research how Black people across the diaspora have contributed to innovation. This video features Elijah McCoy.

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